1/3 of wageworkers make wages below the federal poverty level for a family of four. John M. Hendricks will support gradually raising the Kentucky minimum wage in a reasonable and responsible manner so that working families can put food on the table. Raising the minimum wage will benefit one in five children in the state by increasing their families’ earnings.

John M. Hendricks will support efforts to make our schools the best in the nation. He will fight to get our teachers the resources they need to educate our children. He will oppose tuition increases at our state colleges which have placed the dream of a college education outside of the reach of too many children. John will propose legislation to make it more affordable for individuals to receive career training through Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTCS) so that Clark and Madison counties have the skilled labor force needed to attract new businesses.

John M. Hendricks will work for comprehensive tax reform that attracts businesses to our community and makes Kentucky competitive in the 21st Century economy. He will support and advocate for infrastructure projects that will promote growth in Clark and Madison counties. John will work with local community leaders and across party lines, to attract new businesses and industry to Clark and Madison counties.

John M. Hendricks was born and raised in Clark County, and knows the issues that are important to us. As a prosecutor he has seen firsthand the issues of addiction, crime, and the lack of needed services that face our community. As a small business owner, John understands the challenges that business owners face everyday. John will bring the values of hard work, effective leadership, and real service to Frankfort. John will fight to ensure that Clark and Madison counties receive essential services in a time of tight budgets. He will work everyday for the people of Clark and Madison counties, not the special interests or a political party. It is time for a fresh start in the 73rd.

John was born and raised in Clark County and knows the values that are important to us. John is a lifelong hunter, gun owner, and will be a strong defender of our 2nd Amendment rights. John wholeheartedly supports our right to keep and bear arms. John will put our values above partisan politics and empty rhetoric.


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